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Principal's Report for December 2015

Principal’s Report
December 15th, 2015

Troy Wunderle Inspires Students Through Circus Acts
Troy Wunderle once again engaged our students in a variety of circus acts and art of performance.  He not only taught and supported them with a new skill, but also self discovery and important lessons regarding perseverance and grit.

On Thursday evening, students concluded their time with Troy with a fantastic show where students demonstrated what they had learned or were improving upon.  Some students performed their personal best at the show!  There is no doubt that a number of students were inspired to practice further and perhaps even perform again at our Talent Show this winter.

Lastly, I want to share with you that a number of parents reached out to the me to let us know how much they appreciated this artist in residency and, most importantly, how significant it was for their children.  Watching from the sidelines, I enjoyed the performance with students and the faces of families and friends whose hands and cheeks must have been sore after clapping and smiling for this hour-long show.

ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Grant Awarded to FES
The Irasville Country Store nominated the Fayston School for a 4th year in a row for the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance Grant in the amount of $500.  This grant is to be used in the area of mathematics or science.  

Cheryl Kaminski delivered the great news to us recently and handed us the check.  Historically, we have applied these funds to support the Lego Robotics program that we have offered after school here at FES.
Screening of 2015 Sundance Film Festival Winner Movie Most Likely To Succeed
This is a kick off to a community dialogue regarding the significant changes that are happening and coming in terms of teaching and learning in the WWSU and throughout Vermont.  Save the date and come see this great film on January 14th from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Last week, Fayston School engaged in Hour of Code!  The Hour of Code is a global movement that introduces students to computer science. It is designed to demystify coding and show students that anybody can learn the basics. Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path. See more stats on  Below is a window into what The Hour of Coding looks like today here at FES!

Mrs. Schlageter, our tech integrationist, introduced Mrs. Boyden's 1st and 2nd graders to Kodable.  Let me just say that engagement was high and students were seriously coding!

Mrs. Schlageter engaged Mrs. Vasseur's 5th and 6th grade class in coding too!  Students got to choose programs that introduced them to coding.  Some students choose Music Made with Code, Artist, Scratch, Mindcraft, and Lightbot.  I asked the question... "Is coding all fun and games?"  All students with smiles on their faces said, "Yes!".

Fayston School Offer 2 Sessions of Lego Robotics Again This Year
The mission of the Lego Robotics Club is to help students develop problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity skills through direct, purposeful learning experiences. Students will engage in Mathematical, 21st Century, and Health/Wellness curriculums as they work together to complete a variety of challenges.
Fayston Elementary School utilizes Investigations, a research-based curriculum that emphasizes reasoning and the real-world application of mathematical concepts. A component of Investigations is the LogoPaths software program. Through LogoPaths, students use math concepts, reasoning and problem solving skills to program a virtual turtle to maneuver through a maze or across an empty plane. Lego Mindstorms depends on similar programming foundations while achieving the equitable learning outcomes. Through Lego Mindstorms, students use the Mindstorms NXT software to program physical robots they build. Programming includes distance traveled, degree of desired angle to turn, how and when to use specific sensors, and what logic rules will be applied once a sensor is in use.

21st Century 
By participating in Lego Robotics Club, students will develop technology literacy as they build and program their robots using the Mindstorms NXT software. Students will be responsible for managing all the necessary hardware and equipment, connecting and syncing the software with the robot’s “brick” which can run a program independent of the computer. Lego Robotics Club will also promote critical thinking and problem solving.

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