Sunday, October 18, 2015

Harwood's Track in the Woods for Future Harwood Students!

I am blogging this out on behalf of Rob Williams and the Friends of Harwood TRACK IN THE WOODS fundraising team.  This future track will be of benefit to our students and families here at FES!   They are asking for our help in supporting a new TRACK IN THE WOODS @ Harwood High School via an IndieGogo campaign.

Here is a 90 second video and how to donate for Harwood's TRACK IN THE WOODS:

This will be a community resource for ALL of us to enjoy for decades to come.

PS - We have a $5,000 donation on the table if we can crack $10,000 at our IndieGogo campaign by Friday, October 23rd. Time is of the essence. Every dollar and donor matter.  
Click here to watch our fun 90 second video, and donate:

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